Scheduled Visits

Most businesses understand the importance of maintaining their IT systems, but time is always of the essence. Smaller organisations often cannot justify the expense of full-time IT staff, whereas larger companies with in-house skills often benefit from advice and guidance from an expert.

The scheduled visit from an NCS engineer ensures your network is given a regular and thorough health-check. The knowledge that an IT professional will attend site regularly allows you to plan important IT jobs that you would not usually have the time to do. This can include updating servers and PCs, running regular virus scans, checking event and firewall logs and performing a test restore of your critical data backups.

Leave it to the experts…

A regular visit from a highly-qualified IT expert can prove invaluable to a business of any size. NCS regular engineer visits provide a cost-effective method of maintaining your network whilst providing valuable input from experienced, outside professionals. They can be scheduled at an interval to suit your requirements and your regular NCS engineer will develop an intimate understanding of your network and business. This allows NCS to assist in providing medium and long-term planning of IT investment.

Designed to suit your business…

As with all of our support options, NCS’ regular engineer visits are designed to be flexible. The size and complexity of your network coupled with the level of in-house skills will determine the frequency of visits. This can range from half or full days per week, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. NCS will review the schedule on a regular basis to ensure we are meeting your requirements.