Online Data Backup

Imagine the impact on your business if you were to lose all your company accounts, sales records, correspondence, customer records and e-mails.

Whether through hardware failure, human error, fire, theft or accidental damage, data loss can have a catastrophic effect. Our Online Data Backup solutions provide you with the peace of mind that, in the event of data loss, your data is fully backed up and recoverable within minutes.

Built On an Ultra-Reliable Network

NCS Online Data Backup provides customers with a pool of reliable and rapidly scalable SAN storage which is mirrored across two geographically diverse UK data centres – powered by Zen Internet. Our high performance and high capacity SAN infrastructure can provide the solution for your business’s growing data storage requirements, through the provision of flexible data storage plans specific to your requirements.

Features and Benefits

Quick and Easy Setup
Your first data backup could be underway within 15 minutes of signing up.
Automatic, scheduled, offsite data backup
You don’t need to worry about ongoing data backup, leaving you to concentrate on your business.
Backup open files
In windows environments our Online Data Backup solutions are able to backup files that are in use, meaning that data backups can take place during working hours.
Incremental backup
Only changed files are backed up, meaning backups are smaller, quicker and will consume less bandwidth.
Data compression
Before sending a backup to the Online Data Backup server your data is compressed to increase the speed of the data backup process.
Single file restore
With just a few mouse clicks, specific lost files can be restored allowing you to get back to business quickly and easily.
30 Day Data Backup Retention
Our Online Data Backup services retain previous data backups for 30 days meaning you are able to restore either your most recent data backup or previous data backups of older versions.
Data is encrypted using 448-bit Blowfish encryption and stored within multiple, geographically diverse, high security data centres ensuring that should the worst happen, we will have a copy of your most recent data backup.
Multiple OS Support
NCS Online Data Backup is compatible with Windows Server 2000/2003/2008, MAC OSX and Linux, Windows XP, Vista 7 and MAC OS
Change online data storage plans as your data backup requirements grow, without any additional capital expenditure. With multiple terabytes of storage available our Online Data Backup solutions can cater for your businesses’ growing online data storage requirements.
No capital expenditure and reduced total cost of ownership
No costly hardware installations are required to perform an online data backup. The automated process removes the requirement for human involvement in backup and restore procedures.
Improved Communications ROI
Existing Broadband Internet connections can be used to carry data backup traffic during the day, in the evening or at weekend when Internet traffic is low.

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