StarWind Reseller – Hyperconvergence


StarWind is a one-stop virtualisation shop for all “building blocks” required to construct a full-stack data centre infrastructure. The way they combine scalability with simplicity allows customers to build and scale their environments according to their needs and not according to a limited set of options they’re typically offered.




Today, the complexity of datacentre I.T. environment is continuously growing as the amount of data increases and applications require more compute power with more infrastructure components needed to support it. At the same time, I.T. departments are required to be able to provision resources instantly while maintaining flexibility and scalability of the infrastructure to handle unpredictable data growth

Traditional I.T. infrastructures are comprised of separate compute, storage, and networking components requiring different administrative groups and systems for their management. Such infrastructures feature multiple management interfaces for separate components, higher maintenance costs and are a real headache in terms of support since different components often come from different vendors. All of this makes infrastructure management a highly time- and effort-consuming task forcing businesses to spend their time and money just on keeping the I.T. infrastructure working instead of focusing on innovations and services delivery.


Hyperconverged architecture (HCI) takes this approach to entirely new level by combining compute, storage and networking resources in a single “building block” and simplifies the work of system administrators allowing them to manage and monitor the entire I.T. infrastructure from a “single pane of glass”. The hardware footprint is significantly reduced since all components are tightly integrated and delivered in a single building block.

Such infrastructure provides higher flexibility, allowing not only to scale-out by adding more drives, memory, or CPUs but to scale-out by adding additional cluster nodes. More to say, with less hardware to purchase and maintain, HCI deployment and operational costs become significantly lower.





StarWind HCA is a turn-key hyperconverged platform designed to simplify management and increase resiliency of I.T. infrastructure. HCA aggregates compute, storage, networking, and virtualization resources into a single layer creating a highly resilient and easily scalable infrastructure that is managed with little to no effort. Built and configured, it’s a true “plug-and-play” solution – flexible, easy to deploy, and cost efficient.

Unlike other storage vendors, StarWind HyperConverged Appliance (HCA) provides a minimalistic hardware footprint, starting from a high-availability installation of just 2 servers. Switches are not required, flash is optional, in addition to 10/40 GbE networking (1GbE available upon request). With less hardware to purchase and maintain, StarWind HCA provides ease of management, while keeping capital and operational expenses low.


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