Week 2 Working from Home ๐Ÿ 

Week 2 Working from Home ๐Ÿ 

We thought you might find it useful to hear from us every week during this difficult time to stay in touch and share how we’re finding it. Here’s how the second week is going…

At NCS we’re 100% still open for business from 8am until 5pm. Each member of staff is working remotely so you can still get hold of any of us on our normal telephone numbers, emails and via Microsoft Teams.

You can continue to make any orders you might need for hardware, software and licences and we are still shipping out to customers.

Our Helpdesk engineers are all fully-equipped to help you in any way they can on the usual number
(01706 239000 option 1). 

We have a limited number of laptops available so please get in touch with your Account Manager on
01706 239000 option 2 if you need any to enable you or your staff to work remotely.

Data Backups

A few customers have reported problems regarding getting to their offices to change backup tapes.ย 

If you are having this issue. please let us know and we can set up a Cloud backup for you remotely.

Never work with children or animals!

Our NCS staff have been sharing how they are finding working from home…

One of our Engineers – Ross – revealed his little kitten had unfortunately taken a liking to his headset and decided to chew through it!

Ooops! But when you look that cute who could stay mad at you?!

Our Finance Director Sam is currently working from home with her husband and daughter. Luckily they all have separate spaces to work but Sam has been left to work in the kitchen!

There are benefits though, she gets to look out to her garden and can spend time with her gorgeous dog who seemed to be making the most of the sun last week!

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