The Sutton Group

HyperConverged Appliance Supports The Sutton
Group’s Growth

NCS have supported the Sutton Group of Companies for over 15 years. Recently we undertook a project for them supplying a HyperConverged Appliance to increase the performance of their ERP system.

Why did they choose NCS?

Barry Miles, IT Manager at Sutton Group of Companies said, “We have worked with NCS for over 15 years. NCS have a good understanding of our existing infrastructure and provide welcome insight to new and relevant technologies when we are exploring new projects.

“They work very well alongside our in-house I.T. team and give us the support we need, when we need it. NCS are more than happy to instruct our staff in the use of new systems and then hand over to us – this is our preference, but they are always on-hand should we need additional help. We value their knowledge and input when investigating new systems.”

Any problems?

The Sutton Group needed to deal with several overlapping issues that had come from a growing and expanding business, namely:

  • increase their IT systems’ performance
  • simplify the maintenance of the IT infrastructure
  • reduce the physical space occupied by their IT hardware and the associated power/heating/cooling costs of the equipment.

Their current SAN (Storage Area Network) setup turned out to be too complicated when it came to troubleshooting performance issues. There also were no more free slots left in the rack, so the company would be running out of space shortly unless a solution was found.

The Solution

After a thorough investigation, the Sutton Group opted for a StarWind HyperConverged Appliance with SSD (Solid State Drives) throughout as that model packs the most powerful compute and high-performing storage.

The solution also enabled us to reduce the physical space occupied by hardware. We were able to reduce the infrastructure from a full rack down to only 4U. With less hardware and connections, their IT infrastructure management simplified dramatically.

“We opted for all SSD and found that performance was much better, and any troubleshooting should be much easier now with less equipment,” commented Barry Miles, IT Manager.

The Future

Sutton Group have a number of projects on the horizon including changing their communications infrastructure and installing leased lines which NCS will be assisting and advising on. The Sutton Group are also investigating a complete network overhaul with new switches and network topography.

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