Take Control

So what are you doing to protect yours?

Imagine how your business would survive without an internet connection. As with most UK companies, your internet connection is one of your primary means of communication with your customers and other businesses.

Email, telephony, business critical websites and online applications are all a vital part of our working day and their usage and our reliance on them will only continue to grow.

So the question is, what are you doing to ensure your precious bandwidth is protected? Can you be sure that your staff are not  using your internet connection for their own personal use, potentially to the detriment of your business critical applications? How much time and money are you losing from non-productive staff?

Here are some startling facts:-

  • 3 out of 4 people admit to spending over 30 minutes a day surfing the web on company time
  • There are 27 million Facebook users in the UK today, 50%  of which log onto the site every day.
  • You Tube now has 2 Billion views a day, 70% of which are outside the US.
  • There has been a huge increase in employees attempting to download illegal software, especially MP3 files, in the workplace

Add to these figures personal email, gaming, gambling, peer-to-peer file sharing and online shopping and you can see that your broadband connection is likely to be creaking under the strain.

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Let NCS show you how you can take control in 3 easy steps

Step 1 >>Identify

Get a detailed view of the applications, users and content that are trying to use your bandwidth to get in and out of your business. There may be a lot more than you think! This can highlight non-productive staff and potentially illegal use of your internet connection.

Step 2 >>Categorise

Sort applications, data and protocols and users into what is important to your business such as CRM, email and VOIP. Then look at what is acceptable for example the marketing department using Twitter or all staff accessing Facebook, but only after working hours.

Step 3 >>Control

Give dedicated bandwidth to what you NEED so your business applications and data are guaranteed.  Other less important web usage can be accessed when it’s appropriate and without costing your business money and time. We then simply block or throw away any inappropriate web usage and report on the users that have tried to access it.

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