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How Strong is your Password?

  We’ve all had those annoying pop-ups when creating a new password – you must use one special character, one capital letter, six letters, 2 numbers, one emoji…. (maybe not that last one.) Given the possible risks, it’s understandable that companies want you to use complicated and harder to guess passwords. Unfortunately, what many of […]
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July’s IT Security Briefing from NCS IT Ltd

  Welcome to July’s issue of our IT Security Briefing. This month we have included articles about various ways to enhance your IT security. You can learn about password generators and how helpful they can be to create secure and complex passwords; Find out why backups are crucial to your business; Read about recent data breaches and […]
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What are Password Generators and should I be using them?

  Have you ever used a password generator? We recommend to our customers to use LastPass’ excellent password generator ( which you can even download as a browser add on. Then you can let it create secure passwords as you sign up and it will even remember them all for you! You can choose the […]
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