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Action Brought Against Employee who Fell for Email Scam

Last month, a firm in Glasgow brought action against a former employee who fell for an email scam. The member of staff received several emails which appeared to be from their boss, but they were in fact from an imposter. You can read the story on the BBC website here > It is important that […]
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Business Email Compromise Attacks Half a Million UK SMEs

  Business email compromise fraud attacks have soared 58% over the past year and affected as many as 500,000 SMEs in the UK according to Lloyds Bank. Lloyds have also revealed that smaller UK firms are losing on average £27,000 per scam to impersonation fraud attacks. Law firms were the businesses that were targeted the […]
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Spear Phishing, what is it and how can you stop it?

  Spear phishing attacks occur when an email arrives, apparently from a trustworthy source, but instead it leads the unknowing recipient to a bogus website full of malware. These emails often use clever tactics to get victims’ attention. For example, some companies have been targeted by emails suggesting that there is an outstanding invoice to […]
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