Branch office connectivity

If your business has multiple sites, it is crucial that the sites can stay connected allowing them to share data and collaborate on projects. It is also essential that this connectivity is secure and reliable. With today’s fast broadband links, NCS can provide a solution that effectively connects all of your sites onto one network. Typical examples of this are:-

  • A retail company that has a central head-office and multiple stores. The central head office servers provide email, calendars and a sales database to which all of the stores are connected via a secure VPN.
  • An organisation with a central head office and secondary sites with a network of PCs but no server. The remote sites can access a Terminal Server located at the head office, allowing them to access the same resources. This also provides easy administration of the remote sites.
  • A large organisation with multiple sites, each of which has a Windows Server. NCS can connect the sites together, providing an effective disaster recovery solution. By implementing Double-Take, servers can replicate data over the broadband link providing a fail-over solution in the event of a server becoming unavailable.