Spam filtering

Is your business drowning under the amount of spam email you receive?

NCS can provide solutions to stop unwanted email reaching your inbox. These solutions include Sophos Puremessage for Microsoft Exchange and SonicWALL firewalls with integrated spam filtering. For larger organisations, NCS would recommend a dedicated email appliance such as the Sophos Email Appliance or SonicWALL Email Security device.

About Sophos Puremessage

Sophos PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange, part of Sophos Email Security and Data Protection, provides a secure, intuitively managed solution, integrating anti-virus, anti-spam and email content policy enforcement capabilities. Based on a scalable architecture, PureMessage includes award-winning detection techniques that deliver proactive, sustained protection. SophosLabs©, a global network of threat analysis centers, provides rapid, frequently updated protection from known and unknown threats. PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange also allows administrators to implement and enforce email acceptable use policies, and unlimited 24/7 support is included with every license at no extra cost. Multi-server installations can be managed from a single console.

The SonicWALL Solution

The SonicWALL® Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service delivers advanced spam protection at the network gateway. With just one click, this service can be activated on SonicWALL TZ, NSA, E-Class NSA Series security appliances and will immediately begin to filter SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) email traffic to remove spam, phishing and even virus-laden email. The hybrid-cloud design of the service simplifies set-up while optimizing protection. There is no need to redirect mail exchanger (MX) records, nor do you need to send your email to yet another vendor to be “cleaned”. Simply activate the service and stop spam before it enters your network.