Cloud Computing

2Cloud computing
and cloud services are software programs that live on the internet rather than on your own computer or network.

The concept has been around for a long time. If you have ever used Hotmail, Google Mail, Dropbox or even Facebook, then you have already used a cloud computing service.  However it is the terms such as ‘the cloud’, ‘hosted’ and ‘online’ that are raising interest from a business point of view.




Benefits of ‘the cloud’ include:

  • 5Lower upfront cost
    –  With costs starting from just a few pounds per user per month, cloud services can be relatively cheap with the upfront outlay small. Cloud solutions such as Microsoft’s ‘Office 365’ provides Office applications and email via a monthly or annual subscription.
    –  With cloud computing, you don’t own your new fileserver. You are paying a monthly cost to use the service, just like you pay for utilities such as gas and electricity. This reduces the need for capital outlay and new hardware.
  • Ease of management
    –  You don’t have in-house servers to worry about, all the management and software patching is done for you as part of your monthly cost.
    –  It is ideal for businesses with small or no in-house IT support.
    –  Administration (i.e. adding and removing users and enabling extra features) is done easily via an online portal with an easy, user friendly interface.

How to get the most from ‘cloud computing’:

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Cloud technology also allows the use of Hosted Telephony which you can find more about here >

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