Server Backups for Prince & King Financial Services Ltd

Prince & King Financial Services Ltd are a firm of Independent Financial & Mortgage Advisors based in Earby, Lancashire.

They specialise in giving advice to clients on a wide range of financial matters.

The Problem

The client had recently purchased a new server, crucially however, it had not been supplied with a tape streamer so they had no way of regularly backing up their data.

In addition to the poor advice they had received, the server had also been setup to be used as a workstation, therefore impacting on overall network performance and providing a considerable security risk.

As conversations progressed with the client, the initial priority was to resolve the data backup issue, but they were also looking for their email system to be available outside of their offices and ideally wanted to allow some staff remote access to their business systems.

The Solution

Following our discussions with the client we decided that the best course of action would be to implement Microsoft Windows Small Business Server on a new HP ProLiant Server with backup being provided by an integrated tape streamer. In addition we recommended that Microsoft Windows Terminal Services be deployed on the existing server to allow remote staff reliable and quick access to their business software.

The Benefits

Regular backups to tape are now being done and removed off-site daily. Email, calendar information, contacts and business software are now available to remote staff working from home or on customer sites thanks to both Outlook Web Access (Part of Microsoft Exchange Server) and the Windows Terminal Services which was deployed on their existing server ensuring that their previous investment had not been wasted.

Key Technologies Implemented

Microsoft Windows Small Business Server, Microsoft Windows Terminal Services & Ongoing Network Support

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