Windows 8 to answer “Bring Your Own Device” issue

Windows 8 to answer “Bring Your Own Device” issue

One of the biggest headaches facing network administrators currently is the use of personal laptops and PCs to access the corporate network. Many employees now feel it is their right to use their own laptop rather than one supplied by the employer, however this brings it’s own security issues. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) opens up a can of worms with regards to mixing personal and corporate data and ensuring the same security measures are in place.

Windows 8 looks to get around this problem with an innovative new feature – Windows to Go. This will allow the IT department to supply a fully compliant corporate PC on a USB flash drive. The employee quite simply boots his PC with the USB device in place which loads the copy of Windows supplied with all of the relevant security and access settings. If they want to use their PC for personal use, they simply choose to boot the copy of Windows already installed on the laptop.

As the Windows Product Guide for Windows explains-

“Offsite temporary workers can be given a Windows To Go drive for the duration
of their employment so that no corporate data is stored on their personal device.
Remote and work-at-home employees can be issued a Windows To Go drive for
regular work done outside of the office. In these scenarios, the Windows To Go
drive enables remote worker productivity while helping keep corporate data safe. 



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