Windows 8 gets touchy…

Windows 8 gets touchy…

Microsoft is expected to release the next version of their desktop operating system, Windows 8, at some point this year. This is expect

ed to play nicely with a touchscreen device, unlike previous versions which have been decidedly finger unfriendly. The new “Metro” interface will be a big departure from the traditional Windows look with apps sitting in tiles that can be swiped and prodded. You can be sure that many of the major manufacturer’s will release more economical touch-enabled screens and notebooks to take advantage of the new interface.

Other features being introduced in Windows 8 include a “Windows Store” (think App Store) for buying, selling and advertising applications and the ability to log on using a Windows Live ID. This means that your settings will follow you from one Windows 8 PC to another.

Microsoft may well be a victim of their own success however, with many corporate clients likely to stick with the rock-solid Windows 7 for some time as happened with Windows XP. We have found that most of NCS business customers tend to stay with what they know works and it has to be a very compelling reason to move to a new platform. Windows Vista was an unmitigated disaster for Microsoft and was largely ignored by the corporate world, whereas the reliability and features of Windows 7 have proven a good reason to upgrade from XP.

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