Windows 8.1 to address issues

Windows 8.1 to address issues

It is fair to say that Microsoft’s latest desktop operating system, Windows 8, has had a mixed reception since its introduction. One of the biggest complaints has been the touch-centric nature of the new “Modern” start menu when used with a traditional mouse and keyboard. Microsoft aims to allay some of the concerns with a major update to the OS.

Windows-8_1_1_0Windows 8.1 (or Windows Blue as it has been known) is available for testing as a beta currently and NCS have been putting it through its paces. The most notable difference is the return of a start button of sorts, which goes some way to smoothing the transition between the standard desktop and Modern touch features. Additionally, the search facility has been simplified and the latest version of Internet Explorer 11 is also included. We look forward to looking at the finished system when it is released in the coming months.

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