What do we expect from Apple in 2012?

What do we expect from Apple in 2012?

Another year brings more hysteria surrounding the potential release of Apple products. Following the slightly underwhelming launch of the iPhone 4s, the technology world is eagerly awaiting a revolutionary new product line up.

Most people expect to see both an iPhone 5 and an iPad 3 at some point in 2012. The internet is awash with rumours, however the most likely advancements for the iPhone will be more power under the hood, a bigger screen and possibly a radical new design. The iPad, which is rumoured to already be in the early stages of production, is also likely to get a faster processor and a higher resolution “Retina Display”, similar to that on the latest iPhone 4 and 4s.

Slightly less likely is an Apple branded TV which is being touted by some . The current Apple TV is a small device that plugs into your existing set, however it is thought that Apple is planning their own branded TVs with Apple technology built in. This would make a lot of sense considering how Apple have shaken up the PC and phone markets in recent years and created new markets for the portable music player (iPod) and tablet (iPad). The next obvious realm to get their teeth into is surely the TV sat in your living room with the subscription revenues that can be generated.

As with any Apple product, the hype alone is enough to sell millions of units despite typically being at a premium price tag when compared to the competition. One thing for sure is that you can expect to see the usual news stories of people queuing outside Apple Stores at some point during 2012 whatever product the Californian giant releases.

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