We don’t do global, but….

We don’t do global, but….

We don’t offer global IT support for our customers. In fact, the overwhelming majority of our work is here in the North West (Lancashire, Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire and West Yorkshire).

However, this week:

  • We have run job interviews by phone and video call for a customer in the southern United States who is looking for new IT staff.
  • We have carried out remote support work for a Director in Germany who is connecting via VPN to his office in Liverpool.
  • We have shipped an emergency NAS drive over 4000 miles to the USA, and remotely configured it on a customer’s network to provide a quick fix for a failing server/storage issue.
  • We are today carrying out remote support and diagnostics on that US network to resolve the customer’s problems. We are also liaising with a local IT services partner to provide on-site labour, for a seamless fix.


We don’t guarantee we can do this for everyone, all the time. But if you have a problem, we’ll try to help.

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