Creating your IT Budget

Creating your IT Budget

Thanks to Tech Republic, we are able to bring you 10 top tips for creating a basic IT budget:

  1. DO plan and budget for disaster recovery
  2. DON’T buy the latest tech and gadgets for the sake of it
  3. DON’T overestimate your revenue, keep your figures real
  4. DO budget for seasonal fluctuations and budget accordingly
  5. DON’T make your budget too complex, or too simple
  6. DON’T forget tax expenses
  7. DON’T fret the small monetary differences when doing a budget review
  8. DO involve the key people and liaise with all relevant departments
  9. DO budget for late payments
  10. DO treat your budget as work in progress and remain slightly flexible

IT is essential to the smooth running of your business.  Avoid costly downtime fixes by ensuring you plan IT into your annual budget.


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