Setting your IT budget for 2017

Setting your IT budget for 2017

Have you thought about what you are going to do with your IT provision and what budget to set this year? Read on to read our top tips for setting your IT budget.

  1. Plan for the worst – make sure you set aside part of your budget for disaster planning. You never know when something can cause your IT to crumble! Read our disaster recovery blog post to find out more about business continuity planning.
  2. Don’t buy the latest tech ‘just because’ – we all love the shiny new technology which turns us into kids at Christmas but make sure you budget to buy the equipment that does what you require not necessarily the latest model.
  3. Make sure you detail the provision you need and the costs rather than a generic “IT stuff” line!
  4. Don’t forget monthly or annual costs that are paid automatically. More and more software is now available on subscription agreements and these can slip through your budget if you don’t check.
  5. Remember to involve key employees who might know of an upcoming IT need which you’re not aware of. You don’t want to be hit with an unexpected cost later down the line!

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