Top Tips for Controlling your Server Room Temperature

Top Tips for Controlling your Server Room Temperature

Don’t worry, we aren’t over-reacting because of a few days of heat.  We have however received a high volume of calls regarding the overheating of server and network equipment.  Here are our top tips on controlling your server room temperature this summer, and beyond.

  1. Server RoomBe Clean and Tidy
  • Keep your server room tidy and clutter free so there is more room for air to circulate.
  • Keep dust to a minimum so your vents do not clog.
  • As part of your housekeeping rules, enforce the ‘turn it off’ rule. If something doesn’t need to be on, switch it off.  This allows for the equipment and room to cool down (lights, monitors etc.)
  1. Keep Cool and Ventilate
  • If your server room has air con installed, be sure to turn your unit on. Alternatively, portable fans will help cool your equipment.
  • Open doors connected to your server room to improve airflow and if possible, leave open overnight.
  • Allow room for airflow around your hardware. Ensure you don’t block vents on your equipment.
  • If you have ceiling or wall vents installed, ensure they are not blocked with furniture.
  • Try to avoid placing hardware near working radiators and heaters (this includes PCs and laptops).
  • Your server room temperature should be approximately 20°C. Some temperature monitors can be set to email you when a server room reaches a certain temperature.
  1. Server Room 2Check your Cabling/Server Rack
  • If both your network cabling and air con both come up through the floor (more common in older server rooms), this can cause difficulties when cooling the room.
  • Look behind your server rack. Do your cables resemble a spider’s web?  Untangled, tidy cables allow more air to circulate and can prevent hardware failures caused by heat retention.
  • Does your server rack contain empty space where additional severs could go? If so, cover them with blanking panels to improve airflow efficiency.
  1. Consider the Cloud


Did you know some server warranties become void for certain overheating issues?  Ensure you follow the tips above to help keep your server room at an appropriate temperature.

Overheated equipment can result in permanent damage and severe downtime to your business.  If you have any concerns or need additional advice, please call us on 01706 239000.

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