September 2018’s IT Security Briefing

September 2018’s IT Security Briefing

Welcome to September’s issue of our IT Security Briefing.

This month you can find out about:

  • The importance of updates and patches;
  • British Airways hacked;
  • The scam that has attacked half a million UK SMEs;
  • Why more and more apps and websites are insisting on 2FA.


We hope you enjoy this issue, if there is anything you would like us to cover in future briefings,
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How many times have you had a pop-up window
notifying you there are software updates available?
And how many times have you clicked on the
“Remind me later” button?
Find out here why you need to install these
updates immediately >



British Airways is the latest company to be hit by a
criminal cyber-attack which saw the personal and
financial details of approximately 380,000 customers
Find out more here about the attack and how
you can protect yourself >




Business email compromise fraud attacks have soared
58% over the past year and affected as many as
500,000 SMEs in the UK according to Lloyds Bank.
Find out how these attacks work and what you
can do to stop them here >




We have seen an increase in apps and websites insisting
on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) which adds an
extra layer of security and can help prevent hacks.
Find out what Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
is here >

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