November 2017 Edition of Byte-Size News

November 2017 Edition of Byte-Size News

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Welcome to your November issue of Byte-Size News! In this edition, you can find out how we improved the presentation facilities at our office, what spear phishing is, new video conferencing solutions we can recommend and an upgrade to SonicWall firewalls which can stop all of the most recent ransomware attacks.





NCS News
We have been looking to improve the presentation facilities in our board room, and after evaluating several wireless and cabled solutions, we had discovered that many of these were unreliable, of poor quality and sometimes difficult to use.
We have finally found a solution we are happy with in ClickShare!
You can find out more about ClickShare and its benefits here >




Top Tips
We’ve heard of some local companies being targeted in a spear phishing attack. This is where employees receive an email claiming to be from someone they know. Usually the display name appears correctly or nearly exact but the email address is incorrect.
This type of scam is usually used to steal data or extort money by asking for payment of a bogus invoice.
Click here to find out more about spear phishing >





warningWarning & Alerts
A few months ago, SonicWall introduced an upgrade – SonicWall’s Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to their security services which is proving to be very effective and popular. SonicWall’s Capture ATP successfully stopped the recent Bad Rabbit attack due to its state-of-the-art sandboxing service.
This is the only service of its kind that is available at the moment and we are recommending all of our customers to upgrade their firewall now.





Jargon Buster
It’s the buzzword in IT, but what is hyperconvergence and how could it help your business?
Hyperconvergence simplifies your entire IT infrastructure (fileservers/storage/core networking) into one solution. This means there is less for your to manage, less to support and less that can go wrong!
You can find out more about hyperconvergence on our website >




Business Basics
Some of our clients have been disappointed with entry-level webcams and so asked us to find a cost-effective solution with improved audio and video quality.
We looked around for the best solution and recommended a Logitech GROUP video conferencing solution. It has USB plug-and-play connectivity which enables the user to simply connect a laptop and conduct a video meeting. If you are interested, please get in touch and you can see ours in action!





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