New Monitoring System Now in Place for NCS Customers

New Monitoring System Now in Place for NCS Customers

We are delighted to tell you that our new and improved monitoring system for file servers and desktop PCs is now in place.

The new monitoring system allows us to improve our reporting. It fully integrates into our Helpdesk application to ensure complete monitoring and tracking of all support incidents and tickets from you.

The new system gives us access to an additional support team of over 800 technicians who can reboot servers and resolve issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

This allows us to ensure your business’ critical systems are kept up and running even outside of our normal working hours. The remote technicians are all HIPAA compliant which is one of the strictest security regimes in the world.

Below you can see a selection of images showing the system in action and how we monitor your servers:




We hope you will be pleased with this new and exciting development to our support service. However, we also know that everybody has their own internal levels of security they must adhere to, so if you have any questions regarding the 24/7 access, please do not hesitate to speak to us on 01706 239 000 or email your Account Manager and we can discuss this with you.

To read our Monitoring System Security Whitepaper, please click here >

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