NCS Support Services Donates to M3 Project

NCS Support Services Donates to M3 Project


NCS Support Services Ltd are pleased to have made a donation of £150 to local charity M3 Project Ltd, they are one of two charities the company have chosen to support – the other being the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

The money was raised following a decision by all the staff at NCS foregoing the usual tradition of bringing cakes into the office to celebrate and instead each making a donation which the company then matched.

Carl Nelson, MD of NCS Support Services said, “I am so pleased to be able to contribute to M3 following a suggestion by one of my colleagues to make a charity donation instead of bringing in cakes. Now not only do two great local charities benefit, but our waistlines have done too!”

Carl Nelson, MD of NCS Support Services presents the cheque to Alan Dorrington of M3.

Alan Dorrington of M3 said, “M3 is a small charity with BIG ideas about making a difference in the lives of local young people who are homeless and have ‘nowhere to go’. We offer a variety of accommodation services for single young people as well teenage mums, along with advice and mediation for young people who might be struggling at home.

We’ve helped young people like Alex: Alex came to M3 when he could no longer live at home with his mum.  He was at college, knew he couldn’t return home that evening and didn’t know what to do or where he could go.  Fortunately, the college knew about the M3 Project and made a call.

Alex said ‘Mat came out to see me that day and found me emergency lodgings until a permanent lodging placement was found.  I settled in really well and stayed around a year until moving out into my own place with my partner’.

After several months, Alex’s relationship broke down and he found himself homeless again.  This time Alex contacted M3 directly for help. “M3 help people out and are there if you need them, so I knew I needed to get back in touch.  I was able to move back in with the householders I knew from before, but this time I stayed for almost 2 years, before moving out into my own tenancy.  Although I felt anxious when I first moved, things are really good now. I have my own place and I know how to budget and look after my home.  I’m looking forward to redecorating my flat and making it my own.”

You can find out more about the M3 Project on their website


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