NCS “Pinpointed” by Microsoft

NCS “Pinpointed” by Microsoft

pinpointNCS were used as an example of how to do things right at the latest Microsoft Partner Conference in Manchester.


In a demonstration of Microsoft Pinpoint, the online tool that allows customers to find a suitable partner, NCS’ profile was highlighted as being a particularly good example with a high level of detail. This is just reward for the effort that has been put into it over the last two years.

Pinpoint is an invaluable tool for NCS as this is the site that Microsoft will direct any enquiries to. Once on the site, potential customers can search for a partner and see their partner level, details of services provided and, most importantly, reviews from customers.

The reviews are crucial in ensuring our profile appears high up the search rankings. We currently have had 25 customers who have kindly left a review, but we ask that if you are happy with our service then please submit your own. It only takes a few minutes and it would really help to find more business in the future.

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