Mobile phone to be main web browser by 2013

Mobile phone to be main web browser by 2013

Which device do you use most for browsing the internet? According to Gartner research, it is likely the answer is the Smartphone in your pocket. It is predicted that by 2013, the number of internet browser-enabled Smartphones such as iPhone, Android or Blackberry will exceed the number of old fashioned PCs in use. By 2015, the mobile phone is expected to be the primary browsing device for most people. Gartner also predicts that 20% of businesses will “own no IT assets” by 2012 with employees instead using their own personal devices. This opens up a whole new can of worms for IT security in the workplace.

NCS now receive a large volume of requests for enabling Smartphones on the network. We also find that many businesses freely hand out the wireless access key to enable staff and guests to connect their mobile phone to the internet. Again, this poses a risk that can easily be addressed by separating your corporate wireless network from your guest access. Contact NCS for information on how to do safely segregate the two.

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