Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a messaging app which can be used as a workspace for meetings, real-time collaboration and file sharing. It is included free with all Office 365 Business subscriptions.

We use Teams at NCS and have found it invaluable for meetings and working together when members of staff are away from the office.

Microsoft’s guidance to using Teams can be found here >

If you have Office365 you are probably already paying for Teams which you can use to connect with colleagues, customers and suppliers without leaving your desk/office. That’s not the only benefit, there have also been studies which have shown videoconferencing can increase productivity and can cut down costs associated with business travel.

To see how Teams works, here’s a Microsoft video which you may have seen recently on TV >

For a step-by-step guide to setting up teams, please click here >

This Tech Republic article is also very useful for further Teams information –

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