March Issue of Byte-Size News

March Issue of Byte-Size News

Please find our March issue of our Byte-Size News e-newsletter below.

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Byte-Size News

Can you believe it’s March already? The 31st
March is World Backup Day so we’ve put
together a short post about backing up your
data in this newsletter.

Don’t forget our Helpdesk is available from
8am – 5pm weekdays but you can log issues on
our Helpdesk Portal 24/7. If you need to speak
to the Sales Team, please give us a call on
01706 239 000 option 2.



NCS News 

We have been making sure we looked our
best and “photo-ready” this month as we’ve
had new photographs taken for the Meet NCS
page on our website.

Check back soon to see our new pictures and
if there are any new faces to meet!




Top Tips

It’s World Backup Day on 31st March.

To celebrate this, we’ve put together some top
tips for backing up your data. Make sure you
remember the 3/2/1 rule – you should keep 3
copies of your data, on 2 types of media with 1
of the copies stored off-site.

To read more tips, click here >



warningWarnings & Alerts

Most of us use the internet every single day,
but how safe are we when we’re online?

We’ve put together an article about how to use
the internet safely where you can learn about the
ways people will try to dupe you into giving up
critical information.

To read the post, click here >



Jargon Buster

I.T. is full of acronyms and other computer and
tech-related jargon!

Do you know what some of the most used acronyms
like HTTP, RAM and USB actually stand for?

To find out what these and lots of other acronyms
stand for, read our blog post here > 






Business Basics

Even though email has been around for years,
managing the sheer volume of emails that come in on
a daily basis can be a struggle.

We’ve put together our tips on how to organise your
inbox to make it easier to manage.

To read the full blog, click here >




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If you’re interested in arranging a freeIT Health Check
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