‘Macro malware’ – back from the 1990s!

‘Macro malware’ – back from the 1990s!

Anti-virus company Sophos has discovered that ‘macro malware’ – which caused major issues in the late 1990s – is making a comeback.

With the issue being relatively well controlled over the years, cyber criminals saw it had slipped off the radar and are making their attack once again.

MalwareMore commonly known as VBA malware, this so-called ‘macro malware’ delivers its viruses via .EXE files. They arrive through email attachments and through Microsoft Office documents like Word and Excel files.

These tips are recommended to help with security:

  1. Remind staff not to open unexpected attachments
  2. See if your email system can block incoming emails that contain .EXE files or Office macros
  3. Don’t be tempted to follow prompts just because a document tells you to e.g. Malware may advise you to ‘enable VBA macros’ for ‘security purposes’
  4. Never risk opening a document that seems risky and untrustworthy

Read the full article from Sophos here:


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