June’s IT Security Briefing from NCS IT Ltd

June’s IT Security Briefing from NCS IT Ltd

Welcome to June’s issue of our IT Security Briefing.

This month we will be talking about phishing and other methods that criminals use to attack your business. You will also learn about data encryption and two-factor authentication security techniques. We have also included a link to Sophos’ “Threatsaurus” document which is really useful and we would recommend you have a read!

We hope you enjoy this issue, if there is anything you would like us to cover in future briefings, please  email me on kirsty@ncs-support.com.


Phishing is one of the most common targeted methods of cyberattacks – over 90% off attacks start with a phishing emails.

Find out more about phishing attacks here >



The need for encryption is at an all-time high with an increasing number of businesses falling victim to cyber crimes.

Find out more about encryption here >



Sophos have put together an A-Z of computer and data security threats – it’s a great tool that everyone should keep a copy of.

Find out more and download for free from here >




Standard security procedures have become increasingly easy for criminals to hack. Two Factor Authentication helps to stop this.

Find out more about how Two Factor Authentication works here >

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