July’s IT Security Briefing from NCS IT Ltd

July’s IT Security Briefing from NCS IT Ltd


Welcome to July’s issue of our IT Security Briefing.

This month we have included articles about various ways to enhance your IT security.

  • You can learn about password generators and how helpful they can be to create secure and complex passwords;
  • Find out why backups are crucial to your business;
  • Read about recent data breaches and threats;
  • Discover utilities you can install to improve your online privacy.


We hope you enjoy this issue, if there is anything you would like us to cover in future briefings, please email me on kirsty@ncs-support.com.

Have you ever used a password generator? We recommend using the password generator tool by LastPass to do so.

Find out about it here >




TechRepublic have written a great article detailing 5 easily installed utilities apps which can help to improve your online security.

You can read the full article here >




Do you back up your data? In the event of a disaster, would you be able to recover your data?

Find out why backups are crucial to your business here >



There have been several serious data breaches and security threats making the news recently.

We have included a few on our website, which you can read here >

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