July Edition of Byte-Size News

July Edition of Byte-Size News

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Byte-Size News

Last week, another ransomware cyber-attack
spread across the World, the “NotPetya”
. The virus freezes the user’s computer,
encrypts your data and demands a Bitcoin
ransom. Our advice remains the same,  please
do not open any emails and attachments from
unknown contacts.

June’s Byte-Size News was a special edition all
about how to minimise the risk of ransomware
to your business, click here to read it again>



NCS News
We are very happy to have donated an Apple
iPad to Rainbow House in Mawdesley, near
Ormskirk. It is a local charity which provides a
specialist centre for rehabilitation, education
and fun for disabled children across the North
Read more about our donation and what
Rainbow House does >


Top Tips

This month we have put together some handy
tips and tricks when using Excel.
Click here to find out how you can select all of
the data in your workbook with just one click,
easily capitalise your text and add lots of columns
and rows to you sheet without having to do so one
row or column at a time.



Warnings & Alerts
Microsoft Office 2007 reaches the end of its support
lifecycle in October 2017, meaning there will be no
new security updates, non-security updates, free or paid
assisted support options or online technical content updates.
We are advising all our customers who are currently
using Office 2007 products to start planning to move
to Office 365 or Office 2016 now!


Jargon Buster
Do you know your adware from your malware? What a patch
is or what encryption, cloud computing and Java are?
Read our latest Jargon Buster post to find out what
these and other I.T. expressions
mean here >




Business Basics
On 25th May 2018, GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation)
will come into effect. This regulation is the EU’s new data protection
law, replacing the Data Protection Directive.

It is applicable to businesses of all sizes and industries, to find out
more about it, click here >




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