IT Jargon Buster (2)

IT Jargon Buster (2)


Do you know what adware, botnets, and malware are? Read on to find out what these and some other IT expressions mean in the second edition of our Jargon Buster blog posts.


A form of spyware that displays unwanted advertisements on a computer.


An abbreviation of Robot Network which is a collection of PCs that are not connected but have all been infected by a virus and are under the central control of criminals/hackers.

Cloud Computing

This means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.


An acronym for Domain Name Server which is a server that converts recognisable domain names such as into their unique IP address which is commonly a selection of numbers.


This is the process of converting data into code to prevent it from being understood by an unauthorised party.


Originally developed by Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), Java is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages.


Short for malicious software. This is software created and used by hackers to gain access to private computer systems in order to gather sensitive information.


A software update, most often related to improving security.


A simple program that communicates with another computer over a network to see if it is responsive.


Means to link two devices so they both have the same data – you have probably synced your smart phone with your computer to back up your phone.

To find out what more I.T. expressions mean, the first edition of our Jargon Buster blog series can be found here >

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