January’s IT Security Briefing from NCS

January’s IT Security Briefing from NCS

Welcome to our first IT Security Briefing of 2019. This month you can find out about:

  • Microsoft support ending for 2008 servers and Windows 7;
  • Tips for staying safe online; 
  • SMS phishing is alive and well; 
  • Did you know hackers can access your router?

We hope you enjoy this issue, if there is anything you would like us to cover in future briefings, please email me on kirsty@ncs-support.com.

Microsoft will officially end its support for SQL Server 2008/R2 on 9th July 2019 and Windows Server 2008/R2 on 14th January 2020. If you are still using any of these products, you should be planning your upgrades and migrations now. Please get in touch with your Account Manager to discuss this.
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Text messaging may be seen as an old form of communication nowadays, but SMS phishing is still alive and well. On our website you can find an example of a phishing text purporting to come from Argos. Whilst the language used isn’t exactly what the retailer would use…
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Here are a few tips for staying safe online >
– Never insert an unknown USB stick into your computer – this is a huge security risk but many people do this without thinking about what could be contained on the USB.
– Always lock your workstations when not at your desk…         
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Did you know Hackers can access your Router? Cyberattacks against insecure routers have rocketed. Wired have reported how hackers can use security vulnerabilities in routers to access personal details. Find out how and read the article here >

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