January 2017 Byte-Size News

January 2017 Byte-Size News


Please find our January issue of our Byte-Size News e-newsletter.
If you would like a pdf version of this, please click here: Your January 2017 Byte-Size News

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We’re back after the Christmas and
New Year break with your first edition
of Byte-Size News for 2017.

All of the staff would like to take this
opportunity to wish you a very happy,
healthy and prosperous 2017!

If you need to speak to us about
anything, give us a call on
01706 239000.


NCS News

We have decided to try to be healthier
this year and instead of bringing cake
into the office on our birthdays, we are
each going to make a donation to go to
a charity at the end of the year, with the
total raised being matched by the
company. If you have any charity
suggestions, please email them to:


Top Tips

Have you thought about what you are
going to do with your IT provision and
the budget to set this year?

Read our Setting your IT Budget for 2017
blog post about what to consider when
planning your budget including disaster



 Warnings and Alerts

Make sure you check for Windows
updates on a regular basis or schedule
your computer to do so automatically.

Many of these updates are important
security patches. You can read more
tips about How to Protect your Computer
in our blog post.



Jargon Buster

Cookies aren’t just delicious treats!
In IT speak they are also small amounts of
information which websites store about you
in order to identify you when you visit again.

Read our new Jargon Buster blog post to
find out what lots of other IT expressions



Coming Up

Have you got the January blues?

Look our for an email from us dropping
into your inbox over the next few weeks
about a competition to win something useful
for your business (or home!) and how you can
get involved for your chance to win!



Keep in Contact

We’re on Twitter and LinkedIn so be sure to
give us a follow to receive the latest industry
news and top tips!

If you’re interested in arranging a free
IT Health Check or need anything else, please
do get in touch on 01706 239000

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