IT Jargon Buster 2017 (1)

IT Jargon Buster 2017 (1)

Do you know what bytes, cookies, JavaScript and IP addresses are? Read on to find out what these and some other IT expressions mean in the first edition of our Jargon Buster blog posts.

Antivirus software

Software specifically designed for the detection and prevention of known viruses.


A unit of computer memory usually enough to store a single letter or digit.


Not just delicious treats, they are also small amounts of info websites store about you to identify you when you visit again.


A programming language which is used to make webpages more interactive.

IP address

Stands for Internet Protocol address, a unique address that is used to identify a computer or mobile device on the internet.


The main circuit board which links everything together in your device.

Operating system

The software that enables your computer or mobile device to operate and do all the things you need it to. Microsoft’s Windows is the most common operating system in homes and businesses but Apple’s Mac OS is very popular too.


An attempt at identity theft which leads users to a counterfeit website in the hope that they will disclose private information such as user names or passwords.


In terms of displays or screens it is a measure of the amount of detail which can be shown.

We will be starting a regular Jargon Buster post on our social media channels and blog posts, be sure to visit regularly to see what’s new!

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