Is there a Tablet PC market?

Is there a Tablet PC market?

It’s hard to believe that the Apple iPad has been in existence for less than 24 months. In that time, it has taken both the consumer and corporate world by storm. This leaves their competitors desperately playing catch-up. The world and his dog has released an alternative to the ipad, mostly running Google’s Android operating system. These have ranged from the very cheap and cheerful sub £200 devices to some superb tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Interestingly, even with so many competitor’s products available, Apple still holds  by far the largest share of the market – approximately 60% at present. This has led to many analysts declaring that there is only actually an “iPad market” and the tablet market is in fact a fallacy. This year may be make or break for some of Apple’s competitors, however the competitively-priced Amazon’s Kindle Fire which is due to be launched in the UK imminently is likely to be a strong contender.

NCS are seeing more and more businesses using an iPad as an alternative to the traditional notebook computer, so it will be interesting to see if people start to adopt Android devices during 2012. Tim Cook, who took over from the late Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple, has his roots in big corporate organisations such as which suggests he may try and push Apple further into this sector.

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