Excel Tips and Tricks

Excel Tips and Tricks


We’ve put together a few tips and tricks for using Excel. If you have any more you think we should add, send them to us on info@ncs-support.com

1. Select all the data in your workbook by pressing the corner button in the top left of the sheet.

2. Add more than one row or column by dragging and selecting the number of rows/column you would like and then right click over the highlighted section and choose insert from the menu. The new rows will be inserted above the row or to the left of the column you first selected.

3. Transform the case of text by typing the formula “=UPPER(cell letter and number)” to capitalise all of the characters. Replacing UPPER in the formula with “LOWER” changes all the text to lower case and “PROPER” will only capitalise the first character of a word.

4. When you are inputting values that start with “0” such as telephone numbers, Excel will delete the zero by default. This can be easily solved by adding a ‘ before the first zero.

5. Most people rename the sheet by right clicking and choosing “Rename” but you can easily just click on the sheet name twice and type away!


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