Clean Out Your Computer Day 13/2/17

Clean Out Your Computer Day 13/2/17

Clean Out Your Computer Day fell on 13th February 2017 so we’ve put together some top tips of how to boost the speed of your PC.

  • Make sure it is up-to-date! Updates can enhance the security and performance of your computer so make sure you have automatic updates turned on.
  • Run your antivirus – malware viruses can slow down your computer.
  • Computer software maintenance is recommended on a monthly basis – perform a disk defragmentation so your hard disk works more efficiently.
  • Invest in an external hard drive. These are a great way to store large volumes of data which eats into the space on your hard drive. They can also be used to your backups too, so you’ve always got an extra copy of your data, keeping it safe in case any problems occur.
  • Don’t open lots of browser tabs! Having too many browser tabs open at once can put a strain on your computer’s RAM (Random Access Memory).
  • Uninstall unused programs – free up more space by uninstalling the programs you rarely (if ever) use.
  • Periodically clear your browser history!

You can also find out how your Windows PC is managing power by using the Powercfg diagnostic tool.
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