British Airways Hacked

British Airways Hacked


Earlier this month, British Airways was the latest business to be subject to a criminal cyber-attack which saw the personal and financial details of approximately 380,000 customers stolen. (Read the BBC story here >) BA confirmed that hackers had obtained names, addresses, credit card numbers, expiry dates and the three-digit security codes on the back of cards but did not include travel or passport details.

All affected customers have been contacted and advised to cancel bank cards, monitor their accounts for any suspicious transactions and change online passwords.

Unfortunately, hacks are becoming increasingly common with large businesses such as Ticketmaster, Superdrug, Dixons Carphone and Butlins targeted in recent months.

If you are notified about a hack, please change your password immediately. If you do use that password/email combination on other accounts (which we do not advise doing) please change the password on other sites too. However, we would always advise using a password manager to ensure you have a different password for every account you have.  You can find out more about password generators on our website here >

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