A Few Tips for Staying Safe Online

A Few Tips for Staying Safe Online

Here are a few tips for staying safe online:

  • Never insert an unknown USB stick into your computer – this is a huge security risk but many people do this without thinking about what could be contained on the USB.
  • Always lock your workstations when not at your desk.
  • Never use a post-it note or notepad for storing passwords – use a password manager  – you can find out more about these here >
  • Never open email attachments you didn’t ask for. If you get an attachment you weren’t expecting it’s best to give the entire email a second and even a third look before opening. If you don’t know the sender, if the message doesn’t make sense, or if the file type is something you don’t recognize you probably don’t want to open that attachment.
  • Make sure you are using a HTTPS connection especially when inputting contact details or making a purchase – sites that are SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certified protect your personal information.

KnowBe4 have put these tips (and more) into a great infographic which you can see below. Share it with your colleagues and don’t fall victim to a cyberheist.

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