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Speed, reliability and accessibility given to Repechage Europe

What problems did they have and why did they need NCS Support Services?

In 2013 Val started to review her IT infrastructure and quickly found that her system was outdated, limited and slow. She felt her broadband was not strong enough for the business and the whole system was unreliable causing major downtime for staff. She sought help from her existing IT support company but did not feel that suitable solutions were being offered.

Apart from the downtime Val and her colleagues were experiencing, their systems did not support the business from a productivity point of view:

Val needed to manage multiple email accounts across several devices which her email system couldn’t do.

With frequent travel to the USA and Dublin, Val needed access to her work computer and files when out the office. Without this, she had to prepare documents in advance for meetings and spend time updating them once back in the office.

The limited infrastructure meant training delegates for the Repechage products had to work from printed manuals during training sessions. There was no multimedia interaction to provide variety and interest to the delivery.

Why did they choose NCS Support Services?

Val had existing IT support in place which was inherited when she took over Repechage Europe. Unfortunately the advice and solutions being offered seemed very limited and did not meet her needs. She decided it was time to seek advice from an alternative local IT support company – NCS.

A free site survey was performed by NCS’ Sales Director, Jeremy and IT Systems Engineer, Tim. A proposal was put together based on Val’s requirements. She decided immediately to proceed, as it met all her business needs.

Jeremy says: “The initial meeting is the crucial part of the process for us. It allows us to really understand the customer’s requirements and propose a plan that is tailored purely for their business.”

What solution was NCS Support Services able to offer and why?

NCS began by installing a brand new Dell fileserver with Microsoft ‘Small Business Server’ software. Their previous server was slow, outdated and could not support the changes Val needed for her business.

Repechage Training RoomGuest Wi-Fi was then installed in the training room at the Rossendale office. This enabled all training delegates to benefit from more interactive sessions with the use of internet resources and online videos.

Remote access was set up so Val could access her work PC, her documents and the Sage accounts software whilst out of the office. This meant she no longer needed to prepare documents in advance, then spend time updating them on return to the office. Instead, Val could access her documents in real time from anywhere in the world.

Jeremy states, “Our most common request these days is for remote working. This not only allows employers to offer more flexible working, but it means employees who are field-based, travel, or work from home, can access their documents when required, rather than waiting until they are back in the office.”

Emails are now continually synced across all Val’s devices, meaning the screen she views is what is current without the need to duplicate filing away. “The install project took just a day and there was virtually no disruption to the business. I now have a reliable system I never thought possible.” says Val.

Happy with the installation, Val then committed to an ongoing support contract with NCS. She opted for this service as she wanted peace of mind that should any potential problems arise, they will be dealt with immediately and professionally before any serious downtime occurs. Val can simply raise a ticket online or make a phone call to the NCS helpdesk and receive instant IT support.

What does the future hold for Repecharge Europe?

Since the installation, there have been virtually no IT issues for Val and her team. She has speed, reliability and accessibility and can rely on her new IT infrastructure whether working inside or outside the office, in the UK or abroad.

To continue the close relationship between Repechage Europe and NCS, Val has a dedicated Account Manager in place and the helpdesk continue to offer fast, reliable IT support to meet her expectations.

Jeremy says: “The IT infrastructure that Repechage Europe now has in place supports their current business goals, and will support them through growth. We have regular communication with all our clients to ensure their systems continue to remain suitable for their needs. Val has been a pleasure to work with and it has been great watching the company obtain true reliability.”

Val agrees:  “I continue to use NCS because I have absolute faith in their ability to address any queries or problems I have quickly and efficiently. In my opinion, their customer service is second to none. I can’t praise them enough.”

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