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Fuel Proof saved from disruption after virus scare

“NCS have been a great company to work with from the start. They understand exactly how Fuel Proof works and what we need to be able to grow and move our business forward.” – Ben Pilkington, Marketing Director, Fuel Proof Ltd.

Why did they choose NCS?

As the business grew, Ben found he was unable to manage Fuel Proof’s I.T. network and servers because he didn’t have the technical expertise. After some research, they found NCS who could offer everything they were looking for.

After an initial discussion, NCS’ Sales Director Jeremy went to meet with the company to gauge how the business worked and what they needed to help their business to work more efficiently and grow.

Any problems?

Recently the team at Fuel Proof suffered a virus/ransomware outbreak on their network due a member of staff opening a suspicious file. Unfortunately, the virus was able to encrypt lots of files on the server and their accounts system causing a major problem for the business.

The Solution

Luckily the NCS help desk team could deal with the problem quickly. The initial work was to isolate the problem and minimise any further damage to the network. Secondly the team removed the virus and then restored the whole system from a backup which, thankfully, was very recent.

Ben commented “Overall we suffered very little downtime or disruption to our business, which was very impressive – and a big relief. The speed and care with which the problem was sorted out really impressed us.”

The Future

IT and technology is very important to the general running and growth of Fuel Proof. Like many businesses, they are always looking at ways to increase efficiency and innovation by using the latest technology. NCS support them in doing so by understanding what Fuel Proof wants to achieve and then looking for the best solution for their manufacturing and production planning software. For example, the team have recently installed 3D CAD design software helping their engineers to drive innovation and achieve higher quality.

“Having NCS look after our servers and network has taken a massive amount of work off me enabling me to concentrate on other areas of my role and also gives us peace of mind that the security and day-to-day maintenance of our company’s I.T. network is in good hands.” – Ben, Fuel Proof Ltd.

Jeremy Santhouse, Sales Director at NCS Support Services said, “We have supported Fuel Proof for nearly ten years as their external I.T. support. As with all of our customers, we try to understand their organisation so we can help to drive their company forward by working with them to find any state-of-the-art technology that would assist in achieving their business goals.”


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