Buckhurst Plant Hire

Growth for Buckhurst thanks to remote access

What problems did they have and why did they need NCS Support Services?

Buckhurst were operating from an outdated IT infrastructure that could not physically support growth.

  • The technology that Buckhurst was using couldn’t offer the speed, reliability or accessibility required.
  • Depots were operating on their own individual networks, which meant there was no coordination or communication across the company.

“We urgently needed to review our IT infrastructure.  We had huge opportunities to grow, but our IT could not physically support this” says Lee Gansler, Marketing Director at Buckhurst Plant Hire.

Carl Nelson, Managing Director of NCS Support Services added “For Buckhurst to move forward, it was essential all their depots had access to one central company database that could be accessed and updated by all employees.”

Why did they choose NCS Support Services?

A former Buckhurst employee recommended NCS to Lee when he began reviewing the existing IT infrastructure.

Carl and an NCS IT Engineer visited site to gain a full understanding of their requirements before submitting a proposal:

Lee states: “I chose NCS as the right solution was offered at a good price.  Carl has proven to be a very knowledgeable account manager who offers good advice.  It gives us greater peace of mind knowing they are local to our head office too.”

What solution did NCS Support Services provide?

NCS recommended that Buckhurst follow a 4-phase process to be completed over a period of time including:

  • Initiating remote access
  • Reviewing cabling
  • Updating broadband
  • Upgrading existing servers

Carl explains, “We phased the project to avoid unnecessary expenditure for the company, and to cause minimal disruption for employees.”

Remote Access
Remote access was set up to allow the individual depots to share resources and documents and access the company database from one central location.  This also allowed field-based staff to access the system using their home PCs or laptops.

This also brought a cost saving to the business as it meant that hardware did not need to be replicated and deployed to each depot.

The cabling infrastructure was reviewed fully and updated. New devices like PCs and laptops can be simply plugged into the network and made immediately operational.

Fibre broadband was introduced so a good level of speed was available to support remote access working.

“We recommend increasing broadband speeds when possible, especially when setting up remote access solutions, so the exchange of data takes seconds rather than minutes”, explains Carl.

NCS upgraded two of Buckhurst’s three fileservers, as their old hardware was not powerful enough to handle the proposed changes.  The company now has an email server, remote desktop server and a SQL server which hosts the company database, InspHire.

The company database and hire schedule is now available to all employees, which allows for constant interaction between systems.  The whole project was very smooth running and NCS looked after everything.  We are now so much more responsive” says Lee.

What does the future hold for Buckhurst Plant Hire?

The new IT infrastructure has improved communication throughout the business, and the system supports further growth moving forward too.

Following the completion of this project, they opted for a support package as they were confident in NCS’ knowledge of their system, and knew appropriate advice would always be available should any problems arise.

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