Briggs Automotive Company

Briggs Automotive Company speeds production and protects its intellectual property

What problems did they have and why did they need NCS Support Services?

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) continually develop new racing technologies, so it is important that staff have the ability to share information whilst having peace of mind that their intellectual property (IP) is secure.

In their early days, BAC had no corporate network and staff used personal laptops.  As the company grew, they became heavily reliant on sharing important design and manufacturing information via the Internet and DropBox.

The company often used consultants and interns.  This combined with remote working, meant a large group of people could freely access company documents, putting them at high risk of having their IP stolen.

Aside the security issue, they also suffered from poor wifi which often made manufacturing grind to a halt when the team could not email suppliers or access important design documents.

Mark Rayner, CEO of BAC adds, “Our wifi was so unreliable that productivity levels were severely hampered.  It was taking our factory staff three to four times longer than it should have to do their jobs, which naturally affected the production of cars.” 

Why did they choose NCS Support Services?

As they do not have an internal IT department, BAC sought a partner that would be able to review their full IT infrastructure then make the required improvements in order to move their business forward.  NCS were successful in securing this partnership.

“NCS listened to us and worked with us to understand our business, clearly interpreting its vision to us non-techies” says Mark.  “We liked the people and their approach and we felt confident in NCS’s ability to deliver.”

What solution did NCS Support Services provide?

The three areas of improvement for BAC included:

  • A modern cloud solution to improve staff communication and collaboration
  • A Dell SonicWALL TZ 215 firewall to control all internet and email traffic coming in and out of the business
  • Dell ‘SonicPoint ACi’ wireless access points were provided to improve Wi-Fi in the building and prevent manufacturing downtime

These products were recommended for their features and reliability, and their easy management – ideal for companies who do not have internal IT staff.

Jeremy Santhouse, NCS’ Sales Director states “The existing IT infrastructure at BAC was limited and outdated and did not support the growing company.  They urgently needed improved wifi and the ability to share information amongst colleagues.”

Mark added, “Thankfully, we hadn’t experienced any breaches, but it was vital that we took immediate steps to create a secure IT environment appropriate for our organisation.”

What does the future hold for Briggs Automotive Company?

BAC now has comprehensive protection and reliable access to its data.  “I can now sleep at night, knowing that there are no gaps in our security.  SonicWALL ensures that our network is protected, so that our IP is safe” adds Mark.

Staff no longer need to rely on old methods of sharing information and the secure network allows them to safely share designs and work more collaboratively.

The improved wifi on the shop floor means there is no Internet downtime for manufacturing staff so they can work without interruptions.  This has dramatically improved productivity which in time will have an impact on the bottom line.

Mark finished by saying, “Before this, it felt like we were leaving the safe door wide open.  Now, we can lock up our valuables to protect our business.”

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