Case Studies

HyperConverged Appliance Supports
The Sutton Group’s Growth

The Sutton Group needed to deal with several overlapping that had come from a growing and expanding business. NCS worked with them and recommended a HyperConverged Appliance to deal with these issues.

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Fuel Proof saved from disruption after virus scare

Recently the team at Fuel Proof suffered a virus/ransmomware outbreak. Thankfully the team at NCS were able to deal with the problem quickly with minimal disruption to the business thanks to a recent backup.

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Growth for Buckhurst thanks to remote access

The technology that Buckhurst was using couldn’t offer the speed, reliability or accessibility required. NCS recommended that Buckhurst follow a 4-phase process to be completed over a period of time.

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Speed, reliability and accessibility given to Repechage Europe

nfortunately the advice and solutions being offered from the existing company seemed very limited and did not meet needs. She decided it was time to seek advice from an alternative local IT support company – NCS.

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BAC Mono speeds production and protects its intellectual property

BAC Mono suffered severe production downtime due to unreliable wifi.  They also left their business open to risk of having their intellectual property stolen due to a lack of security on their IT network.

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IT Infrastructure Modernisation to Support 24/7 Operations

Flexipol Packaging

The company had a bespoke piece of software commissioned responsible for controlling all operations of the business.  Whilst their existing IT infrastructure was fairly resilient they wanted an improvement in performance to ensure 24/7 operation.

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New Wireless Solution Brings Cost Savings for Alan Howard

Hair and beauty product distributor Alan Howard, used an outdated paper-based system for managing inventory.  This was replaced with a new wireless system which improved efficiency and brought great cost savings to the company.

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A New Case Study about a Company in Lancashire will be revealed soon…